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Spank a Woman

oooooh, niceA Valentine’s Day nuts and bolts special.  How to smack a woman’s @ss.

With the flat of your hand and fingers, fingers together, maximizing the impact area by making contact with the entire palm and fingers at the same time.  Aim for the softest, roundest part.

Now have a good day!

Ha!  Just kidding.  There’s more.  There are two important things to remember about how a man smacks a girl’s ass.  The first is that you have to do it with zero hesitation, and do NOT wait for a reaction.  If you smack her ass then stare at her, waiting to see how she will respond, almost like you are waiting to see if she will be upset, you are dead in the water.  Smack and move on.

The second thing is to not give in when she gets upset or protests after you smack it.  She very well might get upset.  Do not give in.  Deny you did it, joke that it is really fun, or say something like, “awe, I love you too”.

The bonus third thing.  Sometimes if you joke about giving a girl a spanking, she will stick it out a little and kind of tease you with it.  You have to spank then.  It is required.

Happy Valentines’s day!