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Magic Dolphin Women Present A Dilemma

I have a new favorite Television show, Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t. If you haven’t seen it, Penn and Teller go around debunking everything from little known facts, like the fiasco that has been rebuilding at ground zero, to well established beliefs, like recycling is good, to out their crazy stuff, like alternative medicine.

I discovered this on Netflix streaming last night, and watched a few episodes.

First, Penn and Teller leverage the fact that they are (kinda) famous and have a TV show to have a bunch of hot topless chicks dance around them all the time. The episode about alternative medicine starts out with topless cheerleaders cheering them on, two of which have a set that has been augmented by the marvel of western medicine.

When have crystal chakra baths ever given us something like that?

I have to admire these dudes for what they have created. Their job is to swear and make fun of people while hot chicks hang out all around them in varying levels of dress. They seem to be doing very well for themselves indeed.

The second thing I really got to thinking about came about when I was watching the episode about people who think that dolphins have super powers.

Yes, you read that right.

There are people who think that dolphins are higher beings with powers to heal, provide spiritual fulfillment, and help mothers to painlessly give birth. Even though dolphins are pretty much just big fish. Sure, they can swim real cool and look neat when they jump out of the water, but they are pretty much just big fish.

Anyway, there was one chick on the show that explained how the dolphins increased her natural flow of energy, and then she started squealing like a dolphin. She kept squealing and clicking like a dolphin for a while. But she was hot. She was nuts, but hot.

It made me think, could I look past the fact that a woman was nuts like this, at least if she was really hot? My tolerance for stuff considerably less than rational (i.e. dumb stuff) is fairly low. My propensity for pretty girls is fairly high though. Would these cancel each other out, or would one of these trump the other?

I’m not sure. I may have to head over to Berkeley one of these days and find out.