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Improve Your Hand

This post isn’t about flirting with women.  Only read this if you want to be better with women though.

This post is a result of two things.  The first is a offhand statement I made in this post.  I said something along the lines of, “you’re not playing all your cards when you approach in a direct, sincere way, unless you have a weak hand.” Well, this got me to thinking, “how do you improve your hand?”

The second thing that motivated this post is that my parents came to visit last weekend. My parents don’t come up to San Francisco too often, and it is really nice when they do. We drank some wine, ate a huge, filling calzone at Uncle Vito’s, and had breakfast in Union Square.

One thing that my dad and I talked about is finances and wealth. I am learning how to make money, and I am learning about wealth. I am not wealthy now, but someday, I hope to be.  I am working on it.

This is the point of this article.  The easiest way to improve your hand with women is to get other parts of your life together.  Specifically, your health and your wealth.

I am a firm believer in the “health, wealth, and relationships” motto.  These three things are the most important aspects of a man’s quality of life.  By far.

When I don’t have one of these three things handled, I feel less confident.  My hand isn’t as strong.  I am gonna go out on a limb and say that this is universal. To feel confident as a man, we need to have these three things under control.

Now, what it means to have these three things under control is different to everybody.  Wealth to one person may mean having a yacht, two lamborghini’s and a house in the hills.  Wealth to someone else may mean a cozy apartment and a job they like that gives them enough extra spending cash.

What is important with all of these three things, it isn’t important to be the most successful person in this area.  I am not trying to tell you to be a Donald Trump triathlete that dates Carmen Elektra.  What is important is that you have the level of health, wealth, and relationships that you want.

…Or that you are working towards them.

This next part is the tricky thing. It is the cool thing. The thing that we are oh, so lucky about.

Your confidence will skyrocket if you just start making changes.  If you are trying to improve your health, starting to do something, like jogging, or eating healthier, will make you feel more confident.  It will make you feel more confident because you are doing something to get this handled. You don’t have to be able to run a half marathon, but starting the process of getting healthier will make you feel more confident about yourself, especially as you start to see results.

It’s the same thing with women.  If you go and talk to a woman today, even if it doesn’t go that well, you will feel more confident about this area of your life because you did something about it.  The same thing goes for wealth.

What I am really trying to say here is to pay attention to these other things in your life other than your relations with women.  Getting them handled will improve your overall confidence.  You don’t have to completely solve the problem, but just starting to take action will itself make you feel more successful and confident.

It is important that you actually do something about it though.  Reading an exercise book doesn’t cut it, but going for a quick jog does.  Reading Start Late, Finish Rich doesn’t do anything about it, but finding a way to save a dollar or two every day does.  Reading my blog doesn’t do anything about it, but talking to a woman today does.

Improve your hand.  Give yourself pocket aces.

Now I’m gonna go for a jog.

You Can Improve With Women

Guys either think they “got it” or they don’t.

If you are a man that is not successful with women, at some point in your life you have probably seen a guy that IS good with women and just thought, “he’s just got something that I don’t.” It may have been looks and money, or it may not have been. You may have just noticed his charisma and confidence, and felt it was so far beyond what you were.

This is a load of crap. It IS within anyone’s reach. It just may take some work.

Being confident and charismatic is not something you either have or don’t have. It is something you learn or don’t learn. The guys you see that naturally have it just learned it at a young age. You can learn it too, and that is what I am dedicated too. That is why I work at PickUp 101, so for those of us that didn’t have a chance to learn this in our adolescence, we will have a chance now.

I got inspired to write this post because my friend and fellow PickUp 101 instructor Ben emailed me this morning telling me he had a new blog. Ben was my very first student as a PickUp 101 instructor. It was Friday, I was nervous because I had gotten a call asking me to help out as a guest instructor for the weekend and I had no idea what to expect. Lance, the head honcho himself was leading the workshop, and USA Today was there to write an article about our workshops.

I knew what to do, I had been through the program myself, and I had practiced it, made the changes, and achieved success with it. I still had a bit of performance anxiety though. I was assigned to be Ben’s coach for the evening. Now, I was responsible for not only my evening, but Ben’s as well. I still remember walking into Barnone in the Marina that Friday night. Ben rocked the place. To his credit, he had done a lot of work on his own before taking the workshop, so he was already fairly confident and competent with approaching and talking to women. A few little tweaks, and he was unstoppable.

Now I work with him, and can call him a friend.

You see, all of the instructors at PickUp 101 went through the same process that our students do. We have all taken the workshops that we teach, stuck with the material, practiced, and improved who we are.

I have seen it improve my life, as well as the life of many other men. That is why I believe in it.