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Building A Connection With A Woman

How do you build an emotional connection and increase intimacy with a woman? Conventional wisdom would probably say, “open up and share stuff about yourself”. Maybe you would here something like, “show how much you care”. Maybe you could “show that you appreciate her”.

These are good ideas. Kind of. These things will not do anything directly to really create a connection between you and a woman though. Sure they are nice, but when I say “connection”, I mean that feeling that makes a woman feel really with you. This is the feeling that makes her think about you when you aren’t there, and makes her feel really special when you are.

How do you do this? The real answer is pretty simple. A strong connection and intimacy is created between you and a woman when you share emotional experiences together.

Not sharing emotional experiences pushes people away, sharing them brings them closer. As I look at the intimate moments of my life, this has been the guiding factor behind all of them.

I did a talk on this idea and specific ways to implement it at a recent talk at a workshop.

I will be elaborating on this idea in coming posts, so stay tuned.

Connection and Intimacy

I did a VIP talk this last weekend and had a blast.

I shared a lot of things that I have learned over the years, and was able to get the lovely Betty to come out to help and share some thoughts.

The recorded product will be going out to all of the subscribers to the PickUp 101 VIP Program in March.

I talked about building connection and increasing intimacy with a woman.

This is only important if, you know, you want women to want to have sex with you.

Hope y’all like it when it gets to you.

I’ll be posting up some of the ideas from the talk on this blog in the next couple weeks.