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Listen To This Interview

The guys at Pickup Podcast did an interview with Cory Skyy.

It is good.  Really good.

He doesn’t really teach any tips or tactics, but this guy’s perspective is great.  If you have been exposed to a lot of tips and strategies to meet and attract women, listen to this interview.  It isn’t about finding the right thing to say to make her attracted, it is about being a dead sexy, confident, attractive man.

Just go listen to it.

Check out the podcast here.

Interview With AJ and Jordan

I dropped into the Pickup Podcast and recorded an interview with AJ and Jordan a little while ago.  We talked about how to build a stronger connection with a woman.

Click HERE to download the interview.

While your at it, check out their site at Pickuppodcast.com.  Their shows have been really great, and they are really solid guys to boot.

PickUp Podcast Interview

I did an interview last week with AJ and Jordan of the Pickup Podcast.  If you haven’t gone over to their site to listen to one of their shows, go check them out now.

These guys have a good outlook on meeting and dating women, and they walk the walk.  We talked about how to have a conversation that lets you and a woman actually get to know something about each other, which is what any man should do when he knows that a woman is attracted to him.

I’ll post up when that podcast becomes available for download.