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GotD Day 8 – 15: Big Fat Update

So last week I was extremely busy with work, working 18 hour days. It was not a fun week, and it hampered things. This week I am focusing on my health, and trying to get a lot of stuff back in gear in terms of my health and stuff. I am doing the Master Cleanse! Here’s my breakdown:

Day 8 Tuesday: YES

Day 9 Wednesday: NO

Day 10 Thursday: NO

Day 11 Friday: YES

Day 12 Saturday: YES

Day 13 Sunday: NO

Day 14 Monday: NO

Day 15 Tuesday: NO

3 for 8 these days. I will improve this over the length of this, but I am happy about the progress I am making in other areas of my life, and this balance is important to me rigth now.

Overall, 6 for 15: 40%

GotD Day 4 – 7: YEEEAAARGH!

FRI through MON – YEEEAAARGH! So friday, I was waiting till field work at night in the Marina to turn on the radar. I saw her late at night as I was talking to my students, she was walking up the street right outside the Matrix. I didn’t abandon my students, so I got a NO.

Saturday at Medjool, I saw her on the second floor balcony. Her and her two friends. Perfect. I opened, my students came in, we all talked to the girls for a bit. I have a tendency to stick to banter and vibing when I am coaching, because I want to demonstrate the skills that the students are learning all weekend, not just let them see me quietly talking to a girl for 10 or 15 minutes. Oh, well. I still get a YES

Sunday in the workshop, the hottest women I saw all day were the three women that came to the workshop for girl practice, and they don’t count due to professionalism. NO.

Monday, I was incredibly worn out from the long weekend of workshop, and bringing a TON of energy to it, moreso than is natural for me to have. I didn’t see much, I can’t even remember who the hottest girl was. I get a NO.

My record for the first week is 3/7. 43%. Pathetic. Time to change that record this week.

WORKSHOP! ~and~ Maybe I need to stop GotD Challenge…

Workshop is this weekend!  I am amped!  Me, Walter and Dan are gonna run the best, tightest workshop TO DATE!  I am jealous for our students…

~ ~ ~

I was reading about my astrological sign (Gemini), and it had a list of problems that Geminians will face: 

PROBLEM: You may have the problem of not being able to keep a spouse or a lover due to your pursuit of the opposite sex.
SOLUTION: Cultivate the habit of not flirting with every attractive person you see

>Maybe the planets are trying to tell me to stop the Girl of the Day challenge!

GotD Day 3: earphones

I thought this was gonna be a bad day… but then it wasn’t!

I saw my girl of the day over lunch.  She was walking down the street.  I caught up to her after a block, “excuse me…” she kind of jumped, but took off her earphones, I told her, “I didn’t mean to scare you.  I know this is random, but I have to tell you that you are really cute..”

She lights up, says thank you.  I told her that I have a rule that I have to tell the cutest girl I see each day that.  She thanks me again, and then she got going.

Today is a YES. 67%.

GotD Day 2: NO :(

Man, this day was just a lousy day.  I was stressed with work, didn’t really leave the office, then went home, had a couple beers and relaxed.  

I think the hottest girl was in A.G. Farrari foods.  She was leaving as I was checking out.  She wasn’t hot in the traditional sense, she was cute and she had an alternative look.  I kind of psyched myself out, thinking she wasn’t the hottest I would see, but then nothing else really appeared that day.  Lesson – DO NOT THINK AND DO NOT HESITATE.  IF I SEE A CUTE GIRL, GO FLIRT.

I am NOT losing this competition.  I am at 1 for 2, 50%.

GotD Day 1: YES

My first girl of the day was at lunch. I saw a girl earlier during my coffee break, but missed her because she was walking into a building down the street. Damn. So I was out on my lunch break with a buddy. He knew about the challenge, so he knew I might go running off at any time. We were walking to the Metreon, and there was a guy and a girl sitting on a bench. And the girl was tall and blonde and super cute. I walked by, then looked at my buddy. “That might be her… yeah, I think that’s her”. I walked back, interrupted, told her she was really cute, and I’m sorry to intrude, and wished them both a great lunch. They were both really happy.

So I was relaxing, eating my lunch.

And then she walked out of the next restaurant over. Continue reading

Girl of the Day Mission – Introduction

At our Pickup 101 instructor roundtable meeting last night, Lance mentioned the Girl of the Day Mission. At the end of each day, you ask yourself, did I approach the hottest girl I saw that day? The hard part of this is that the hottest girl is THE hottest girl. Not just A hot girl. It doesn’t matter if she is driving, on the third floor of a building, running down the street on fire, etc.

All of the instructors have been challenged, and we are gonna compare results. This has a few big benefits: Continue reading