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The Futility of Field Reports

I have a couple of dates this week, and I was thinking about writing field reports about how I met these girls, and I realized that I didn’t have much to write.

For the one I am meeting tonight, the field report would look like this:

“There was a girl outside of the Fort Mason building where the AoR workshop was last weekend, so I started talking to her. We were hanging out for the next few hours, then I suggested a date and she gave me her contact info.”

For the one I am meeting on Friday, the field report would look like this:

“I was out with a bunch of friends for a pub crawl, and towards the end of the night I started talking to this one girl I hadn’t talked to yet, and she was cool, then I set up a date and got her number.”

The point here is that I don’t remember what I said, or what techniques I used, it just kind of flowed. This is the way it should be, and the way it is when all the things we teach in Art of Attraction and Art of Rapport become real behaviors, rather than just specific tactics.

GotD Day 4 – 7: YEEEAAARGH!

FRI through MON – YEEEAAARGH! So friday, I was waiting till field work at night in the Marina to turn on the radar. I saw her late at night as I was talking to my students, she was walking up the street right outside the Matrix. I didn’t abandon my students, so I got a NO.

Saturday at Medjool, I saw her on the second floor balcony. Her and her two friends. Perfect. I opened, my students came in, we all talked to the girls for a bit. I have a tendency to stick to banter and vibing when I am coaching, because I want to demonstrate the skills that the students are learning all weekend, not just let them see me quietly talking to a girl for 10 or 15 minutes. Oh, well. I still get a YES

Sunday in the workshop, the hottest women I saw all day were the three women that came to the workshop for girl practice, and they don’t count due to professionalism. NO.

Monday, I was incredibly worn out from the long weekend of workshop, and bringing a TON of energy to it, moreso than is natural for me to have. I didn’t see much, I can’t even remember who the hottest girl was. I get a NO.

My record for the first week is 3/7. 43%. Pathetic. Time to change that record this week.

GotD Day 3: earphones

I thought this was gonna be a bad day… but then it wasn’t!

I saw my girl of the day over lunch.  She was walking down the street.  I caught up to her after a block, “excuse me…” she kind of jumped, but took off her earphones, I told her, “I didn’t mean to scare you.  I know this is random, but I have to tell you that you are really cute..”

She lights up, says thank you.  I told her that I have a rule that I have to tell the cutest girl I see each day that.  She thanks me again, and then she got going.

Today is a YES. 67%.

GotD Day 2: NO :(

Man, this day was just a lousy day.  I was stressed with work, didn’t really leave the office, then went home, had a couple beers and relaxed.  

I think the hottest girl was in A.G. Farrari foods.  She was leaving as I was checking out.  She wasn’t hot in the traditional sense, she was cute and she had an alternative look.  I kind of psyched myself out, thinking she wasn’t the hottest I would see, but then nothing else really appeared that day.  Lesson – DO NOT THINK AND DO NOT HESITATE.  IF I SEE A CUTE GIRL, GO FLIRT.

I am NOT losing this competition.  I am at 1 for 2, 50%.

GotD Day 1: YES

My first girl of the day was at lunch. I saw a girl earlier during my coffee break, but missed her because she was walking into a building down the street. Damn. So I was out on my lunch break with a buddy. He knew about the challenge, so he knew I might go running off at any time. We were walking to the Metreon, and there was a guy and a girl sitting on a bench. And the girl was tall and blonde and super cute. I walked by, then looked at my buddy. “That might be her… yeah, I think that’s her”. I walked back, interrupted, told her she was really cute, and I’m sorry to intrude, and wished them both a great lunch. They were both really happy.

So I was relaxing, eating my lunch.

And then she walked out of the next restaurant over. Continue reading

FR: Time To Hit The Sac

I was shipped up to Sacramento for my day job, so I gave my buddies (and fellow coaches) Eric and Jeremy a call so we could hit the town on a wild Tuesday!

We meet up and head to a nice mexican restaurant, we sit outside on the patio. Next to a table of cute girls. So of course, I start flirting with them. I just slide my seat back till I am near them and rip off some banter. Our waitress shows up, and Eric and Jeremy are flirting with her. It was quite an extravaganza!

Highlight: at one time, I took a big bite of my big jalapeno pepper, and my mouth starts to BURN. Our waitress comes by, so I ask for some water as I wipe away tears. Continue reading

Lunch Mission: You Are Really Cute

I have a new mission.  It is to get good at meeting women around the financial district during my lunch break, and being able to set up a date/day2 with them.  I have had a lot of strange thoughts about flirting with girls around work that kept me from doing it in the past.  I don’t like how I am dressed, I am in work mode, etc.  That is about to change.

I started today.  Walked to Jamba Juice and got a nice juice.  Walked around Justin Herman Plaza.  Then I saw the blonde hair.  And the great figure.  And, oh, crap, she had a really cute face.  I was gonna approach, then got nervous.  Yes, I still get nervous sometimes when I am about to approach a woman.  Ok.  I collect myself and think it through.  If I DON’T go talk to this girl, I will NOT forgive myself.  If I DO go talk to her, even if it goes badly, I will be happy about it.

So like I tell my students to do all the time, I started walking, and I just didn’t let myself stop.  Continue reading

FR: Messing With the Power of Drunk Fu

“How I impressed my friends”

[note: this is a report from a few weeks ago, reposted to get things started]

Some old college buddies of mine got together for a reunion this weekend in San Francisco. It was our yearly get together to keep the bonds of friendship strong. We were also out in North Beach Saturday night, and there were some pretty ladies, so I couldn’t resist.

We were out to DRINK and have a grand time, so this story has the underlying theme of my being drunk throughout. Now, usually I don’t endorse drinking a lot with socializing with ladies, but was more happenstance than anything. Continue reading