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Order This Drink At The Bar To Make Yourself 37.9% More Intriguing To Women

Time for some Friday fun. This post should to be taken with a grain of salt. And a slice of lime.

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I am about to reveal to you the secret drink to order that makes you at least 25% sexier and 32% more intriguing to women.

But before I do, I want to talk to you about why your choice of drink is so important.

That’s right, style week is moving to your style of drink.

The drink that you drink communicates quite a bit about you, and the type of night you are having. Forget your clothes, your shoes, your hair style, demeanor, and body language. The true mark of who a man is can be found in his glass.

You probably have a natural sense that this is true. When you see a man at a bar drinking a glass of wine, you can probably put together quite an impression of who he is and the type of night he is having. He’s a doosh bag. Unless he is at a wine bar. Then he’s just pretentious. Unless he’s there with a chick. Then he’s a pretentious doosh bag.

Just kidding. I don’t hate you if you like wine.

In the same vein, you can draw conclusions in your mind about the man with a bottle of Budweiser, or the guy with the Jagermeister shots (shudder).

Your drink can communicate how social you are, how drunk you are, how tasteful you are, how fancy you are, and how much of a man you are.

So this is like really really really important.

Are you ready to know what drink to order?

Your life will never be the same after this.

Here it is. This is the best drink to order at any bar ever:

Manhattan. On the rocks.

Do not order it up (in a martini glass, as it is served by default). The martini glass screams “LOOK AT ME, I CRAVE ATTENTION!” Order it on the rocks, like a man.

When a woman asks what you are drinking, and you reply Manhattan, she will know that it is a fancy drink, and she will know that it has whisky in it, because of the dark color.

Nothing says man to a woman like whisky.

Also, many people who don’t like whisky don’t like Manhattans, since bourbon (or rye) is the primary ingredient. She will think you are a real man because you can tolerate the strong, delicious, sweet, sweet flavor of Bourbon, yet know that you have class, because you aren’t drinking shot after shot of whisky.

Man. A man with taste. A man that likes fine things. A man with taste that likes fine things but doesn’t have to show off.

Be a man. Drink a Manhattan.

Project Deacon: Liquor In The Front

OK guys, what do you have to offer me to drink?

I want to come up, I want to have a drink. What do you got?

Don’t tell me, “some old milk, bud lite and some water”.

I don’t have a huge liquor cabinet, but I got enough. Wanna finish the night with a beer? Done.

How about a glass of wine with some crackers and cheese. Check.

Wanna do some shots? Check. (bonus points if they are shots of bourbon)

How about a mixed drink. Nice vodka and mixers, check.

Something without alcohol? Some fizzy water? Cranberry juice? Double check plus.

Keep yourself stocked with good stuff to offer someone when they come over. Not only is it just the polite thing to do, it is classy. It shows you put some thought into it.

Get yourself some stufff. Here’s what I suggest at the minimum:

  • Nice bottle of Wine. Have wine glasses to serve this in.
  • Some good hoers… hore’s du… hor… snacks. have some good snacks on hand. Go to Trader Joe’s or your equivalent and stock up for a few bucks.
  • Beer. I only put this on because I like to drink beer. This brings up an important point. Have stuff you like.
  • Hard alcohol. A good bottle of vodka and taquila are the minimum. After that, I would suggest adding a cou[ple bottles of bourbon :)
  • Mixers. Cranberry, red bull (diet), rockstar (diet), tonic water at a minimum.
  • Ice. The silliest thing to not have when you want to make a drink for someone.

Having this stuff on hand is one of the minor things to get together, but it can have a nice effect on how you are perceived by your guests.

Tony Stark, Alcoholic Oh, I also keep my copy of Iron Man #128 by my liquor in a rigid plastic case. Best Iron man comic. Ever. Iron Man faces the fact that he is an alcoholic. It reminds me not to drink too much. Awesome cover by Bob Layton.

NOTE: I do not endorse keeping comics out all over your home.


No. really.

Fine. Don’t take my word for this one.

FR: Messing With the Power of Drunk Fu

“How I impressed my friends”

[note: this is a report from a few weeks ago, reposted to get things started]

Some old college buddies of mine got together for a reunion this weekend in San Francisco. It was our yearly get together to keep the bonds of friendship strong. We were also out in North Beach Saturday night, and there were some pretty ladies, so I couldn’t resist.

We were out to DRINK and have a grand time, so this story has the underlying theme of my being drunk throughout. Now, usually I don’t endorse drinking a lot with socializing with ladies, but was more happenstance than anything. Continue reading