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Read King, Warrior, Magician, Lover With Me!

I’m starting on a new book, thought I’d share.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover book cover

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine. This book is written by some Jungian psychologists who have researched and explored the 4 archetypal types of grown men (which you can figure out from the title). I’m doing a book club reading of this with some folks in San Francisco, and I will probably be writing a bit about this book here.

You’re invited to read the book as well, and follow my discussion of the book here on my blog.

I plan to think beyond just a critical analysis of this book, and to explore how the contents of this book can apply to my life, and possibly to your life as well. I’ll be reading and posting about this from time to time over the next three weeks or so.

If you’d like to get King, Warrior, Magician, Lover at Amazon, click here

Here’s a little baout the book from the author’s home page:

Here the authors explore today’s crisis in masculine identity and describe its two major causes – the disappearance of masculine rites of passage and patriarchy itself. They define the four mature male archetypes – the King (the energy of just and creative ordering), the Warrior (the energy of self-disciplined, aggressive action), the Magician (the energy of initiation and transformation), and the Lover (the energy that connects men to others and the world) – as well as the four immature patterns (Divine Child, Oedipal Child, Precocious Child, and Hero). Moore and Gillette believe the developmental history of every man is, in large part, the story of his failure or success at discovering within himself the archetypes of mature masculinity.

The most interesting aspect of this book is that it does not just talk abotu the archetypes of manhood, but also talks abotu the types of boyhood, and how immature men behave, and the distractions they may find on their path to manhood.

This should prove to be an interesting read! Again, if you want to get King, Warrior, Magician, Lover at Amazon, click here.

There's A Movement Coming

I was lying on my bed last Sunday afternoon with my girl, relaxing after a nice big breakfast and my second cup of coffee of the day.  She asked about some of the books on my bookshelf, in particular, one or two of the men’s movement books I have.  These are books like Iron John, Fire In The Belly, The Flying Boy, and King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

I told her that I was doing research about what has come before, and then I realized… there is a new men’s movement on the way.  It has already started to some degree, but it is small.  Men are learning how to have quality interactions with women, and learning what it means to be a man in the face of a woman.  Men are dropping what we have taught matters, and learning what really works, and what people really respond to.  It is fascinating, and it is inspiring.

I also think it will work.

I think that this movement is going to reach men, and there will be a shift in our culture for the better.  Men will know that it is OK to really examine what it means to be a man (and NOT just making good money at a good job to buy a good house).  Men will start to get in touch with their backbones, with their hearts, and with their balls.

I used to be really bothered with the state of the world.  I used to think there were a lot of problems that needed to be fixed, from global warming and hunger to the prevalence of bad pop boy bands.  I eventually threw up my hands, because I felt I had no way to address these issues.

I think the world can be made a better place though.  From the bottom up.  This means changing the world, one person’s life at a time.  I can improve the world by reaching men, and teaching and inspiring them to become better, more attractive versions of themselves.  Ultimately, this leads to happier men AND women.

The prospect of a world filled with happy people is a very good one indeed.