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Sometimes I write stuff that is, well, stuff. It doesn’t exactly fit in any of my other finely crafted and tuned categories. All that stuff is here. Don’t think that just because it is a bit random that it isn’t good stuff. Because it is.

Some Things To Fix

Somehow, despite the fact that I have written 1 post in the last 4 years, this blog still gets traffic.

Most of that traffic goes to my legendary Text Game article (even though my not-quite-as-legendary Role Play and Banter article is actually way better).

That Text Game article is my gift to the world. Read it, apply the knowledge, and get jiggy with it.

Maybe, though. Just maybe, some of the thousands that visit this blog for that article this month will stop by to read a little more.

Thank you for stopping by. Leave a comment!

My life is different now than it was when I started this blog.

I don’t teach workshops. I don’t have anything to do with Lairs, Poo-Ahs, or any of that bizarre, odd microcosm. I don’t chase tail in the endless mack of the game.

I work. I pursue hobbies. I spend time with friends, and with my girlfriend.

It helps that I have a great job, hobbies I thoroughly enjoy, great friends, and a fantastic girlfriend.

Riches, fulfillment, and joy are incoming.

I still have some work to do though.

Major work.

In some ways, things are a mess, and I need to clean house. In fact, I need to make some fundamental changes. There are some things in my life that have to change, because the course I’m on isn’t going to lead me at the destination I want.

I’m growing up, getting older. My view of the world is changing. I spend less time thinking about right now, and more and more time thinking about 10, 20, or 30 years from now. Where do I want to be then?

What kind of relationships do I want? How much money do I want? What about my health?

The “golden trifecta” of important things.

I’m going to take a look at those things. Maybe, if you also want to improve your health, wealth, or relationships, then the things I write will help you out.

After all, we all want a little more. Let’s get it.

Read King, Warrior, Magician, Lover With Me!

I’m starting on a new book, thought I’d share.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover book cover

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine. This book is written by some Jungian psychologists who have researched and explored the 4 archetypal types of grown men (which you can figure out from the title). I’m doing a book club reading of this with some folks in San Francisco, and I will probably be writing a bit about this book here.

You’re invited to read the book as well, and follow my discussion of the book here on my blog.

I plan to think beyond just a critical analysis of this book, and to explore how the contents of this book can apply to my life, and possibly to your life as well. I’ll be reading and posting about this from time to time over the next three weeks or so.

If you’d like to get King, Warrior, Magician, Lover at Amazon, click here

Here’s a little baout the book from the author’s home page:

Here the authors explore today’s crisis in masculine identity and describe its two major causes – the disappearance of masculine rites of passage and patriarchy itself. They define the four mature male archetypes – the King (the energy of just and creative ordering), the Warrior (the energy of self-disciplined, aggressive action), the Magician (the energy of initiation and transformation), and the Lover (the energy that connects men to others and the world) – as well as the four immature patterns (Divine Child, Oedipal Child, Precocious Child, and Hero). Moore and Gillette believe the developmental history of every man is, in large part, the story of his failure or success at discovering within himself the archetypes of mature masculinity.

The most interesting aspect of this book is that it does not just talk abotu the archetypes of manhood, but also talks abotu the types of boyhood, and how immature men behave, and the distractions they may find on their path to manhood.

This should prove to be an interesting read! Again, if you want to get King, Warrior, Magician, Lover at Amazon, click here.

Magic Dolphin Women Present A Dilemma

I have a new favorite Television show, Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t. If you haven’t seen it, Penn and Teller go around debunking everything from little known facts, like the fiasco that has been rebuilding at ground zero, to well established beliefs, like recycling is good, to out their crazy stuff, like alternative medicine.

I discovered this on Netflix streaming last night, and watched a few episodes.

First, Penn and Teller leverage the fact that they are (kinda) famous and have a TV show to have a bunch of hot topless chicks dance around them all the time. The episode about alternative medicine starts out with topless cheerleaders cheering them on, two of which have a set that has been augmented by the marvel of western medicine.

When have crystal chakra baths ever given us something like that?

I have to admire these dudes for what they have created. Their job is to swear and make fun of people while hot chicks hang out all around them in varying levels of dress. They seem to be doing very well for themselves indeed.

The second thing I really got to thinking about came about when I was watching the episode about people who think that dolphins have super powers.

Yes, you read that right.

There are people who think that dolphins are higher beings with powers to heal, provide spiritual fulfillment, and help mothers to painlessly give birth. Even though dolphins are pretty much just big fish. Sure, they can swim real cool and look neat when they jump out of the water, but they are pretty much just big fish.

Anyway, there was one chick on the show that explained how the dolphins increased her natural flow of energy, and then she started squealing like a dolphin. She kept squealing and clicking like a dolphin for a while. But she was hot. She was nuts, but hot.

It made me think, could I look past the fact that a woman was nuts like this, at least if she was really hot? My tolerance for stuff considerably less than rational (i.e. dumb stuff) is fairly low. My propensity for pretty girls is fairly high though. Would these cancel each other out, or would one of these trump the other?

I’m not sure. I may have to head over to Berkeley one of these days and find out.

Good things come in small packages

Mini, but super!
A little Friday fun.

A friend of mine went to Panama, and sent me some of her photos from the trip.

I’m not gonna share the pictures of her looking cute in her dress, but I thought this one was pretty good.

It may be mini, but it sure is SUPER!

My only wish is that I could pick up some chick at this store, so that I could write a book about mastering the Mini Super Fuk! 

Have a good weekend, everyone, I’ll be teaching at an Art of Rapport workshop for part of the weekend, should be fun!

Lance's Birthday!

I went out to Lance Mason’s birthday celebration the other night.

What did we do?  How does a guy who has spent years of his life learning how to be better with women, then spending even more years teaching other guys (including me)  celebrate his birthday?

Well, that’s the question.

Lance’s girlfriend planned something special for him, and about 2 dozen of Lance’s friends met him out to celebrate.

We had a good old time.  it was great to see old friends, and meet new friends, and what we did when we all got together was pretty fun.

Lance had no idea what the plan was.

In fact, he started a little contest.  I just found out last night that he was having this little contest.  If you are the first person to guess how we celebrated Lance’s birthday, he is giving you a special gift.

I don’t know if the contest is still going on, after all, I am a little late sharing this info.   It may be too late, someone may have won the contest already, but hey.  Contests are fun.

Click here to enter the contest

You have to scroll down a little to get to the contest entry form.

We had a good old time, and here’s a little hint:

I got a nice reminder of how much I like fishnets.

Thank You!

I was at an event this weekend with a number of men who have read this blog.  A couple of you came up to thank me, or tell me you enjoyed certain posts and articles I have put up.

It is great to know that people read what I write and find it helpful.  I hope that what I write can be a resource for people to make their lives better, in whatever way that may be.

Thank you for the feedback.

The Pickup Artist, Episode 6

The first part of this episode consisted of women showing off their lingerie.

What more do I have to say?  This part was good.

The challenge, to bounce a girl to another venue, was just kind of so so.

I love how clueless Pradeep is.  He exhibited this over and over, and it finally caught up with him.

I really wasn’t too excited by this episode, if you can’t tell by how little I wrote here.

Except for the lingerie, that is.