Women And Accepting Love

More and more I think that the secret to women is that they just want to give love to a man. That is what they, as women, have to offer us. The hard part is being able to accept all that love as a man. Might sound silly, easy, or stupid, but I guarantee that it is a lot harder than it sounds, and women are frustrated at not being able to find a man that can accept their love while remaining a strong man.  

I have talked to very aware men and women about this to come to these conclusions.

Here’s an illustration of what I am getting at.  This is a story from the weekend I took Art of Attraction. We were out at Holy Cow, I was walking around, bouncing from set to set. I end up next to this girl who is sitting on a tall barstool chair. Good body language, comfortable kino, banter, etc., and start having a decent conversation. Some of the workshop guys come by, we all chat, have fun. They leave. The whole time I am smiling like crazy. Not like a retard, but like someone who is genuinely happy (I was, by the way). After a few more minutes, I tell her, “my friends will probably be around in a few minutes, and they will probably drag me away to go to the bathroom or something, so we may only have 5 or 10 minutes here.”

She then said to me, “what if I don’t let them take you?”

How do you answer here? I didn’t answer correctly. I made some random comment that wasn’t great at all.

I’ve thought about this, because I am bummed I let this one get away, when I could have easily gotten a date with this great woman. Here’s what I think the right answer is:

“Then I will stay.”

In a small way, in some sense, she was offering me her love. It was time for me to step up to the plate and show her that I could accept that while remaining a man. Maybe that is a bit of overkill of analysis, but I think there is truth in this.

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