From The Ashes (part 6)

This is the page that is going to change from time to time. This is the page about where I am now.Working for PickUp 101 has boosted my confidence and comfort with myself enormously. I have taught hundreds of guys how to meet, attract, and connect with women, and have pushed them to talk to thousands of women. I myself have talked to thousands of women while getting to where I am today.

What do I think of it all?

I think that what I really teach is how to be a man. A man has a big heart, a strong backbone, and a powerful cock, and he isn’t afraid to use any of them. A man is confident about what he wants, and what he is doing with his life, and he is confident in the face of getting it. A man is confident about how he feels, and even when he lowers his defences to share that, he has the strength to support it himself. A man is confident about about being sexy with, and attractive to, a woman. A man is confident about loving a woman, and loves himself.

I’ve gone through love and heartbreak. What did I learn? Why was I so miserable when I was so in love?

I didn’t know myself. I didn’t know how to understand my own feelings. I wasn’t confident about them. I couldn’t share them with the woman I loved because of that.

I’ve met a lot of women. Is that the answer?

It’s more important to figure out what you want and what will make you happy. The real secret is that if you want real happiness, don’t look to a woman for it. Find it, then share it with a woman. The both of you will be far happier.

We all need to learn what we are like as men. More confident men. Sexier men. Happier men. Up until I started to really make changes in my life, I felt like this was just out of my reach, but just barely. I was so close to it, but just couldn’t reach it. I think we’ve all got it. We just need to realize it, and learn what that feels like. It feels different, and it can feel uncomfortable. But eventually, it feels good.

I’m learning what it is like to be a man, and I’m sharing that with other men as I do.

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