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Have You Made These 10 Mistakes With Women?

That was the email I received from some guy named David DeAngelo. I read it, and my answers were, “Yes. Yes. Yes yes yes. Yes yes yes yes yes”. David DeAngelo runs a company that gives dating advice to men. He has a couple books and DVDs of seminars that explain how attraction works with women. I started reading all I could from sources online and in ebooks I bought, and purchased CD sets to help learn how I could meet women and make them like me. From his material, I learned about other people that teach this. From there I learned about the online community known simply as “The Community”. Essentially, it is a group of guys that share information about what really works to attract and seduce women over the internet on message boards and email groups.

I joined the local group of guys, called the San Francisco Lair, and started meeting other guys that were working to improve their abilities with women. I learned stuff. I went out and practiced. I had a good time. I got girl’s numbers, went on instant dates with girls working in coffee shops, made out with girls in bars and clubs (even once in front of a girl’s oblivious boyfriend). I got it to work for me. Sure, it was fun.

One of the guys I met that teach this stuff was a guy named Lance Mason. I went to a few of his seminars in Project San Francisco, the mansion-apartment in North Beach. He wanted me to sign up for his Art Of Attraction workshop, but I didn’t. I wanted to get as good as I could without a workshop, before I went ahead and took a workshop.

A year and a half and a couple girlfriend’s later, I finally enrolled in the Art of Attraction workshop. It really locked everything together for me. I knew of the importance of all the things I learned about, body language, comfortable and confident touching, banter and storytelling, but the workshop set me on the path to making these things permanent changes to the way I behaved.

PickUp 101 asked me to come back and help out coaching the workshops. They had me go through the Art of Rapport workshop, which was even better than the Art of Attraction, and taught me how to connect with women (and people in general) much better than I ever could before. I worked at more and more workshops until I was a lead instructor, and finally ran my own Art of Attraction workshop.

So where does this put me now? Keep reading here.

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