About Sean

I’m Sean Deacon. I decided quite a few years ago that I wanted to date more women, but then realized that I didn’t quite know how to go about meeting them and dating them. I found information from a bunch of sources and put it all into action, trying to find what works for me.

Nowadays I am an instructor for PickUp 101, and have worked with hundreds of guys to be more confident around women, and to learn the skills to meet and date women.

How did I come to get where I am today?

I wrote that story.  It is full of love, heartbreak, and triumph, and even includes a little bit of making out with girls in it. 

I wrote it in 6 parts:

  1. When I Was Young
  2. Learning About Love
  3. Learning About Heartbreak
  4. Two Experiences
  5. PickUp 101 And The Community
  6. From The Ashes

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