Touch Is Communication

Random lesson from a random memory today.

You may have heard how touch is important, how you should break the touch barrier early, and ramp up the touching as the relationship gets more intimate.

The real key to understanding your touch is to understand that it is just another form of communication.

The way you touch a woman, in the end, communicates with her.

One night, a long time ago, I met a woman out at the bars. After we had dated a few times, I asked her why she liked me. What was it that made her want to see me again that night we met?

She mentioned that she liked that I could approach her and start talking to her (confidence), and that I could keep up with her verbally (banter).

Then she said something that kinda surprised me. “You know how I knew you liked me?” she asked. “When you talked to me, you put your hand on the small of my back a little bit, and that’s how I knew that you liked me.”

A light bulb turned on above my head, and I realized that I had communicated with her with by the way that I touched her.

You can communicate that you are interested in her, that you like her, that you are feeling attracted to her, that you care for her, or that you are feeling intimate with her by the way you touch her.

Touch is pretty powerful stuff, because it is a very basic communication. You can say something you don’t mean, but you can’t touch in a way you don’t mean. One touch can’t be confused for meaning something else usually.

Also, the way you guys touch each other shows what is really going on with the two of you. If you and her have talked for hours, and really gotten to know each other, but haven’t touched much, the relationship still hasn’t progressed very far in terms of intimacy.

On the other hand, you and her may not have exchanged many words, but if you are comfortable touching each other, then things have progressed pretty far.

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    3 thoughts on “Touch Is Communication

    1. Matt

      Spot on! And once you make this realization, you can have all sorts of fun using it. A great way to have fun with this is to send conflicting messages with your body language, what you say, your tone of voice, and your touch. For instance, calling her a brat in a playful tone and punching her in the arm. You can create a playful vibe and keep her guessing and intrigued by leveraging all the means of communication, including–and especially!–touch.
      .-= MattĀ“s last blog post ..House Rules =-.

    2. Allyson

      You’re absolutely right. Touch can often be a clearer form of communication. When your words say one thing, but your hands say another; that is also indicative of where the relationship may be heading.

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