Be the Geek, Nerd or Dork That Women Love

Geeky stuff is fun. It really just is a fact of life. Geeky stuff is just cool. It’s fun to play with, mess around with, and be into.

Women are also really fun. I can go on and on about the ways that women are amazing and fun, but I think you already know.

Liking one does not preclude liking the other. Have your cake, and eat it too.

I have heard geeky guys say that beautiful women would not be interested in a nerdy guy like them, but that isn’t necessarily true. You can be a geek, or nerd, or dork, and still meet amazing women, and make them a part of your life.

This is the last of my Dating For Dorks articles for now, and I want to sum it all up and leave you with a final thought on this.

I started this series by admitting that I am a comic book geek. I love them. I travel around the country to go to comic book conventions. I am partial to Star Wars as well. In fact, I am in to pretty much all geeky things. My only real exceptions are that I am not really a Trek fan, and I’ve never played D&D.

My love of all things geeky has never been a deal breaker with women, but I follow certain guidelines to keep it that way.

I Have a Full, Balanced Life

I love the geek stuff. I have a whole lot more going on in my life than just my love of comics though, and that is important. If I were to never read a comic again, and get rid of my collection, I would have plenty of other things happening in my life. I am an artist, and engineer, writer, web designer, have various groups of friends, can get people together to have fun, and can throw a good party. Just for starters.

If all I had going on in my life was my comics, I would not be very cool. I would have little to share with others, and it might be harder to relate with other people that aren’t comic geeks like me.

This balance of other stuff in my life other than comics is crucial for being a cool guy who happens to love geeky stuff, and not just a geek.

I am Comfortable With My Geekery

I am completely comfortable with this geeky side to my life, and never feel like I have to downplay, defend, or explain my interests. The more comfortable I am with my huge comics collection, the more comfortable women are with me having it.

The first of the two biggest mistakes I could make would be to try to downplay my interest, and try to play it off like I’m not really that into it (even though I am). The second of the two biggest mistakes I could make would be to try to defend my hobbies, and try to explain the reason why I like the stuff I like.

Both of these things happen when someone is insecure about their interests, and fear that others will judge them for their interests. The first step is to not judge yourself, then to not care if others judge you. When you do this, it turns out that folks won’t judge you for this.

I Don’t Feel Like I Need To Share This With Her

I know that no woman I date will ever like comic books or Star Wars as much as I do. I don’t expect her to either. I have found that I have to keep this in perspective.

It seems like it would make sense for us to share the things we love with our women. I am very comfortable having my geeky hobbies be my own thing that I don’t share with women however. I’ve got friends I can get together with and geek out with, and don’t feel compelled to make her love the stuff as much as I do.

I also would never let comics become more important than it should be. I keep my priorities right, and I am pursuing a number of my goals and passions that are important to me. My geeky hobbies are just that, hobbies, and I don’t let myself get so wrapped up in them that I lose track of what I think is really important.

It’s Up To You

If you let your geekiness hold yourself back, then it will. If you don’t let the fact that yo are a nerd impact your ability to be a cool guy, then it won’t. It is up to you to decide what this means to you, and up to you to get what you want in life and not to compromise.

You can be a dork. You can also meet and date beautiful women. You are not Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons, you are your own person, and your destiny and identity are in your hands.

I want nothing less than for every nerdy, dorky guy to decide that they aren’t going to let any of their interests and hobbies hold them back, and to make themselves the coolest guys around.

The geek shall inherit the earth, why not take it a step further, and dominate it.

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