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Lance's Birthday!

I went out to Lance Mason’s birthday celebration the other night.

What did we do?  How does a guy who has spent years of his life learning how to be better with women, then spending even more years teaching other guys (including me)  celebrate his birthday?

Well, that’s the question.

Lance’s girlfriend planned something special for him, and about 2 dozen of Lance’s friends met him out to celebrate.

We had a good old time.  it was great to see old friends, and meet new friends, and what we did when we all got together was pretty fun.

Lance had no idea what the plan was.

In fact, he started a little contest.  I just found out last night that he was having this little contest.  If you are the first person to guess how we celebrated Lance’s birthday, he is giving you a special gift.

I don’t know if the contest is still going on, after all, I am a little late sharing this info.   It may be too late, someone may have won the contest already, but hey.  Contests are fun.

Click here to enter the contest

You have to scroll down a little to get to the contest entry form.

We had a good old time, and here’s a little hint:

I got a nice reminder of how much I like fishnets.

Thank You!

I was at an event this weekend with a number of men who have read this blog.  A couple of you came up to thank me, or tell me you enjoyed certain posts and articles I have put up.

It is great to know that people read what I write and find it helpful.  I hope that what I write can be a resource for people to make their lives better, in whatever way that may be.

Thank you for the feedback.


You’ve definitely seen it.

The guys that posture in the bar, trying to look tough, or sexy, trying to get the attention of women.

You’ve probably done it. When there is a hot woman around, you suck in your gut, stand up a little more, maybe talk a little louder. You’re posturing.

“Posturing” can be a dirty word amongst some dating and mating advisers. It is seen as being something you aren’t, you are pretending to be something, and you are not being yourself.

I was hanging out with DC, THM, and DBR the other night, and DC brought up posturing. We talked about how some people would say you aren’t being authentic when you posture, however, we have seen guys that go into bars, do this, and get chicks.

So, uh, what’s going on?

All animals posture, from little lizards to babboons, to us. Animals posture when they are attracting a mate, or when they are intimidating a rival. Posturing is a sign of being ready. Someone posturing is ready to mate, or ready to fight.

Well, if you are ready to do these things, then it really isn’t so bad, is it? You are just communicating to the world this fact.

The problem comes in when you aren’t actually ready.

If you are posturing in this way, projecting to women that you are ready for romance (so to say), women will have that expectation of you. If you and a woman start interacting, and your actions don’t jive with this, she will know you were “just posturing”. You didn’t mean it, and you didn’t have the goods to back it up.

When you aren’t actually serious, that is when you are “posturing” in the negative sense that the word is being used. In that case you are something about yourself that actually isn’t true. Not good.

If you are going to posture, just make sure you mean it.