Monthly Archives: September 2008

Get What You Want, Player

I was having lunch with a friend of mine yesterday, and we were talking about where we were in life, and what we wanted. She called me a player at one point, and I laughed and told her that I certainly was.

I thought about it for a second though, and I told her, “You know what a player is. A player is a guy that knows what he wants in life and goes out and gets it.”

She joked around that I always get what I want, and we had some fun after that.

That’s what a player is though, someone who knows what he wants and goes about getting it. A player knows what he is all about, and is OK with it. He has come to terms with it, and has no guilt over it. He has no shame about what he does, or what he wants.

This is a good thing. Knowing what you want and going about getting it is one of the most valuable life mindsets there is. If you have any hang ups, or guilt, or shame about the things that you want, then you need to work past that, and learn to treat yourself first. Be selfish, and be greedy with what you bring into your life. It’s ok.

If you are just lazy, then you need to think long and hard about what you want, if you really want it, and if it is worth the effort and work that it will take.

I read a little David Deida last night, and something stuck with me. He wrote that it is never going to end. It is never going to be over. You are never going to get to that “one day” when everything falls in to place and the time is right to do what you really want to do. Do it now. Get to it, because if the time isn’t right, the time is never going to be right.

Let’s go out and get what we want.