Project Deacon: New Bed For A New Man

The first big furniture purchase for Project Deacon was a new bed. My old bed was a full size with a squeaky metal bed frame, old sheets and blankets. This had to go.

I bought a California King. 600 thread count sheets (to start), numerous pillows, and a nice wooden bed frame.

I wanted a bed that I would be happy to get into every night. Mission accomplished.

I wanted a bed that women want to get into every night, and stay in every morning. According to my girlfriend, mission accomplished.

I wanted a bed I could sleep sideways on and still have enough room. Mission accomplished.

Beds are expensive. Not every one can go out and drop a few grand on a new bed at the drop of a hat. If you are going to buy anything to improve your living space, my first recommendation would be a nice bed. Save if you have to. This is going to be far more important than a new table, couch, chairs, or big screen TV.

The benefit to your life is huge though. You spend about a third of your life in a bed, and will have a lot of fun in your bed. Make it count. I can’t stress enough the importance of a great bed.

Do you want to live in a space that is great in spite of your bed, or one in which your bed makes your space even better?

A modern man, successful with women, will have a great bed.

Here are my guidelines for getting a new bed:

  • Get a mattress larger than you think you can fit in your room. It’s worth the sacrificed space to have a big bed. Nobody ever thinks to themselves, “I wish I had gotten a smaller bed”. Get a King Size if you can.
  • Get high thread count sheets. I got two sets of 600 thread count sheets to start, and am looking to upgrade to 1000 thread count sheets when I can. The higher the thread count, the better the sheets will feel.
  • Get a lot of pillows with varying firmness. Good for comfort and pillow fights.
  • Take some time to match everything, and pick a scheme that goes with your room. I spent longer shopping for sheets and a comforter cover than I did for my bed. I wanted to pick colors that I liked, that I wanted to have in my room, and would go with future rugs, curtains, furnture, etc.
  • Get a wooden bed frame, not metal. It looks nicer and is less squeaky. I got mine for half off when I bought my bed. You can find bargains.
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    2 thoughts on “Project Deacon: New Bed For A New Man

    1. Justin

      Canopy beds also impress. Funny you wrote this now, I just did the same thing. I got a queen bed, 800 thread count sheets, microfiber blanket, and canopy bed frame, with sheer curtains that match the rest of my room. It’s nice knowing my bed rocks.

    2. sean

      Ha! I almost got a canopy bed myself. At least I considered it for about 2 seconds, which is quite long for me. In the end, a canopy just didn’t fit my personality. I remember staying over at girl’s places that had canopy beds. Really cool. It’s like your own private world in there…

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