Project Deacon: Liquor In The Front

OK guys, what do you have to offer me to drink?

I want to come up, I want to have a drink. What do you got?

Don’t tell me, “some old milk, bud lite and some water”.

I don’t have a huge liquor cabinet, but I got enough. Wanna finish the night with a beer? Done.

How about a glass of wine with some crackers and cheese. Check.

Wanna do some shots? Check. (bonus points if they are shots of bourbon)

How about a mixed drink. Nice vodka and mixers, check.

Something without alcohol? Some fizzy water? Cranberry juice? Double check plus.

Keep yourself stocked with good stuff to offer someone when they come over. Not only is it just the polite thing to do, it is classy. It shows you put some thought into it.

Get yourself some stufff. Here’s what I suggest at the minimum:

  • Nice bottle of Wine. Have wine glasses to serve this in.
  • Some good hoers… hore’s du… hor… snacks. have some good snacks on hand. Go to Trader Joe’s or your equivalent and stock up for a few bucks.
  • Beer. I only put this on because I like to drink beer. This brings up an important point. Have stuff you like.
  • Hard alcohol. A good bottle of vodka and taquila are the minimum. After that, I would suggest adding a cou[ple bottles of bourbon :)
  • Mixers. Cranberry, red bull (diet), rockstar (diet), tonic water at a minimum.
  • Ice. The silliest thing to not have when you want to make a drink for someone.

Having this stuff on hand is one of the minor things to get together, but it can have a nice effect on how you are perceived by your guests.

Tony Stark, Alcoholic Oh, I also keep my copy of Iron Man #128 by my liquor in a rigid plastic case. Best Iron man comic. Ever. Iron Man faces the fact that he is an alcoholic. It reminds me not to drink too much. Awesome cover by Bob Layton.

NOTE: I do not endorse keeping comics out all over your home.


No. really.

Fine. Don’t take my word for this one.

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    3 thoughts on “Project Deacon: Liquor In The Front

    1. sean

      It is also important to have coffee and tea. I recommend having a black breakfast tea, a green tea, and a herbal tea (like chamomile). You’ll need some milk or cream too. Also make sure that you have every sweetener under the planet. Women seem to be really picky about what they want in their coffee or tea. Get sugar, equal and that splenda stuff. Especially the splenda (from my experience).

    2. Kamaluddeen

      I’ll add to that that it’s usually ditssuging, and when they offer you some they don’t take no for an answer.Passing out from Lao Lao at a local’s house was one of the highlights of my SE Asia trip in 2011. Just glad I was with people I trusted to make sure I got home OK.

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