Interview With AJ and Jordan

I dropped into the Pickup Podcast and recorded an interview with AJ and Jordan a little while ago.  We talked about how to build a stronger connection with a woman.

Click HERE to download the interview.

While your at it, check out their site at  Their shows have been really great, and they are really solid guys to boot.

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    One thought on “Interview With AJ and Jordan

    1. Sandwich Repairman

      Hey, on the podcast you said what kind of shoes not to wear (some kind I’ve never heard of), but you never said what kind of shoes we *should* wear. What do I look for? Where do I find them? How do I know if I’ve found something good or bad? I wear orthotics and have had 2 surgeries on my foot. I’ve had arthritis in it since 26 and have ongoing foot problems. Finding shoes that aren’t painful is really difficult for me.

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