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Shoes Make The Man

In my interview with The Pickup Podcast guys, they asked for a fashion tip, and I mentioned shoes. I got a comment on my last post asking for more info. So here it is. I can go on and on about why shoes are important, but I just want to get to the nitty gritty right away.

So what shoes do I buy? I like Kenneth Coles. I own 3 pairs. 2 are basic dress shoes in black and brown. Another is a more stylish brown loafer. Kenneth Cole makes quality shoes that are comfortable and stylish. They are a good staple.

I have a couple other pairs of nicer shoes that are cool or funky in some way.

For more casual shoes, I like Pumas. I have a few pairs of things that are more stylish, like a pair of Diesels and a pair of HipOppotamus (similar to Diesel).

Remember to take care of your shoes. Keep them polished, and make them last.

A few rules I follow when picking out shoes:

1) Brown shoes are always more stylish than black shoes.

2) Don’t skimp on shoes. $175 isn’t too much to spend for a high quality shoe that is comfortable and stylish. Plus, you’ll feel great walking around in a great pair of shoes.

3) Get a selection. Don’t buy three pairs of black shoes. Get one pair of black, a pair of brown, and a pair of a lighter color (cream, tan, etc). This is much more versatile.

4) Make sure they are comfortable. If a shoe isn’t immediately comfortable when you put your foot in, don’t buy it. I don’t care if they are the perfect shoes that were sent down on a cloud from heaven. I’ve learned this lesson the hard (and painful) way. Also, if two shoes seem really similar, but one is a bit more expensive but more comfortable, spend the extra for the comfortable ones. Your feet will thank you.

…and, since summer is coming,

5) Don’t ever buy sandals. Flip-flop sandals are OK, but those Teva style sandals have to go.


If you really want to get your style in gear, check out PickUp 101’s guide to style, Dress to Impress. It is a 3 DVD set that goes into detail about fashion and style and how to make it work for you. The DVD set goes into detail about how to use style to help give a great impression to women. It also includes real world fashion make overs of men that attended the filming of the set. Click here to check it out now.

Interview With AJ and Jordan

I dropped into the Pickup Podcast and recorded an interview with AJ and Jordan a little while ago.  We talked about how to build a stronger connection with a woman.

Click HERE to download the interview.

While your at it, check out their site at  Their shows have been really great, and they are really solid guys to boot.

What You Talkin 'Bout, Willis?

It should be clear that I think connecting with a woman is very important. Being a cool sexy guy is great, but any man that wants great women in their life needs to know how to connect with them. That is the subject of the Art of Rapport Workshop, and during the last workshop I instructed, I had a realization.

When I say realization, I mean that I found a way to describe something in a way I never have before.

I want you to imagine her. You’re sitting next to her, she is smiling, and clearly likes you. Then, you start to get into a deeper conversation. You tell her about the town you grew up in, or maybe about something you did when you were younger with a brother or sister.

What are you talking about?

Yes, you are telling some kind of story. You are talking about something that happened.

But what are you really talking about?

You are talking about yourself.

When you are telling someone a story about something that happened to you, remember that what you are really talking about is yourself. You are not talking about a list of events that happened in succession. You are talking about things you did, things that happened to you, and what these things meant and felt to you. The story of what happened is an excuse to really tell a woman something about yourself.

When you are talking to a woman, and telling her a story from your life, remember, this is not the time to talk about a list of events, it is a chance to tell her something about yourself. The story is just a tool to do that.


The ability to connect with women beyond an everyday, surface level is one of the main topics of the Art of Rapport Workshop. To find out more information about this workshop, click here.

Now go have a wonderful life full of wonderful women.

Guess Who's Back?

Back again.

Deacon’s back, tell a friend.

. . .

Who say’s white boys can’t rap?

I’ve been busy moving, working, and teaching workshops, and let updating my blog slide a little. I’ve got some great stuff in the works, Some further insights into building connections with women, some fun examples of flirting, updates on Project: Deacon (it’s still full of boxes), how to deal with being a dork (don’t worry, it takes one to know one), and a fun interview coming up.

Stay tuned, don’t adjust your channel.