Sean Newman? More Like Delusion…

Sean Newman seems to have written something a little strange.

He seems to think that him and his boys out on the east coast are the “dream team” of PickUp 101.

Whatever, Sean.

He seems to have forgotten about Daniel, Niels, Walter, Asher, Jeff, Ken, etc, etc.  Ie., he forgot about the all star team we got out here.

Sean, you can keep your dream team, and you can keep dreaming.  We got the All-Stars.

Here’s my OFFICIAL response to Sean’s claim:


This is Sean Deacon, senior instructor at PickUp 101.
You may have read my blog, you may have learned from me
at one of our Art of Attraction or Art of Rapport workshops,
and if you are a VIP subscriber you will get a DVD soon
where I explain how to make women love you.

I get these newsletters in my inbox just like you, and
yesterday was no different… except for one thing.
You read the newsletter, and you heard what Sean Newman said.


I re-read it to make sure he really said what I think he said.

Mr. Newman decided to make the audacious claim that the
REAL dream team are the guys out in New York. Well, he’s
got another thing coming.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love these guys. Sean, Joe, Dan
and Ben are some of the greatest friends a guy could have,
and I know the rest of the crew out on the east coast are
top notch. As for New York… well, I’ve only been there once
for a short trip, and I have fond memories of tromping around
the City with a gorgeous girl I met who was on vacation
from Korea.

Friendship only goes so far though, and Mr. Newman laid down
the line. He thinks his crew are the dream team. He is wrong.

Mr. Newman is forgetting that the west coast is where this
started. It is where the first PickUp 101 workshop was held,
back in it’s humble beginnings, it is where the workshop
developed into the best program to teach guys how to improve
their lives and get choice with women, and it is where the
innovations keep happening to make the workshop better and
better. In other words, it is the first, and still the best.

The team of senior instructors out here on the west coast,
Daniel, Walter, Niels, Asher, Jeff, and myself, could run
laps around those New York guys. We are the real deal out
on the west coast, and it is time that Mr. Newman was
reminded of that.

Go ahead and see for yourself. Check our coaches’ bio page at See that
giant afro on Newman? That’s not even a wig. That’s all real!

Now tell me, is THAT who you want teaching you the fine art of attracting
great women?

I’m a little too busy with my upcoming workshop schedule to fly out
to New York to settle this with Mr. Newman mano-a-mano, and I am sure
he is swamped with all the workshops he has coming up too. That only
leaves one option, and that is to make sure that each and every workshop
that I teach over here (and I teach at a lot) continues to kick royal
east-coast butt.

That’s right, I plan on showing those guys on the east coast how we do
it here by running the best workshops possible. We’ve got upcoming
workshops from San Diego up to Seattle, and the heart of it all is
right here in San Francisco.

This is where we will be teaching the world famous Art of Attraction
workshop, the workshop that teaches you how to bring out the coolest,
most attractive version of yourself possible. This also happens to be
the workshop where students talk to dozens and dozens of HOT women out
in the real world, get them giggling, get them smiling, and much much more.

This is where we will be teaching our ground-breaking Art of Rapport
workshop. This is where we teach what nobody else can. This is where
we teach how to get, and KEEP the girl. This is where you learn how
to share the most attractive and POWERFUL thing that you can with a
woman, your honest and genuine self.

Sean Newman, here’s my gauntlet. You say you have a “dream team” out
there. Yeah, you and your guys out there are good. No doubt about that.
The west coast is where it’s at though. We have the BEST instructors,
and we teach the BEST workshops, and we get our students the BEST,
REAL results.

Mr. Newman complains that too many people want to come out to the
west coast for a workshop. Well, Mr. Newman, it’s not just the
weather that makes people want to come out here (it was a nice
sunny morning here in San Francisco today, how is New York?).

We’ve got the goods. And we are going to show it. Over and over
and over again. The best students. The best coaches. The best coast.

Like Jim Morrison said, the West is the Best.
Come find out for yourself.

– Sean Deacon

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