Flirting is Infectious

I was getting my coffee this morning from the same little coffee kiosk that I always do, and of course, I flirted with Nikki, the girl who gives me my coffee, like I always do.

Then I noticed something. I had gotten my coffee, and I was waiting on the sidewalk next to the little coffee shop for my bagel. A lady who was waiting for her latte or whatever was sneaking glances over at me. Then another lady who was standing in line was shooting me glances. For a second I was thinking, “what is going on?”

Then I realized, “Oh, yeah. They like me.”

When you start acting more flirtatious with people, other people will notice. It carries over to other people. It effects the way you stand, hold yourself, walk and talk. Women notice, and it is attractive.

People will see that you have a little bit more lively attitude. They will see that you are having fun, and that you feel good. They will feel your smile.

Try it. Go flirt with the girl who gives you your coffee and watch how others notice.

Now knock that smile off your face.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Approaching women and flirting with them in the middle of the day is just one of the things we teach in the three day long Daygame and the Art of Rapport workshop. It is three days on how to meet and connect with women in the situations you are in every day. Grocery shopping, at the bookstore, on the bus, and getting coffee. Check out more information.

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    2 thoughts on “Flirting is Infectious

    1. Walter

      Yes, flirting is infectious, and the effect compounds in a social setting.

      Ever notice we get more looks when we have a cutie on our arm walking into a bar lounge rather than with a group of guys?

      It’s true in the daytime when women notice you interacting with other women.

    2. Chris

      SD, how would you approach girls when they’ve been staring at you in the way you’re talking about? I’ve been using “we seem to be having a staring contest” and maybe “you lost but you can get a rematch.” Sometimes it gets a giggle and sometimes they are weirded out — maybe I shouldn’t call them out for staring at all. Probably all in the timing. Anyway, thanks dude!

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