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Flirting is Infectious

I was getting my coffee this morning from the same little coffee kiosk that I always do, and of course, I flirted with Nikki, the girl who gives me my coffee, like I always do.

Then I noticed something. I had gotten my coffee, and I was waiting on the sidewalk next to the little coffee shop for my bagel. A lady who was waiting for her latte or whatever was sneaking glances over at me. Then another lady who was standing in line was shooting me glances. For a second I was thinking, “what is going on?”

Then I realized, “Oh, yeah. They like me.”

When you start acting more flirtatious with people, other people will notice. It carries over to other people. It effects the way you stand, hold yourself, walk and talk. Women notice, and it is attractive.

People will see that you have a little bit more lively attitude. They will see that you are having fun, and that you feel good. They will feel your smile.

Try it. Go flirt with the girl who gives you your coffee and watch how others notice.

Now knock that smile off your face.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Approaching women and flirting with them in the middle of the day is just one of the things we teach in the three day long Daygame and the Art of Rapport workshop. It is three days on how to meet and connect with women in the situations you are in every day. Grocery shopping, at the bookstore, on the bus, and getting coffee. Check out more information.

Coming Soon: Project Deacon

I haven’t been posting much lately, I know.

I am moving to San Francisco (from the East Bay), so I am in the midst of a great apartment hunt.  I have been looking all over the place, from the Mission to the Marina, to find the perfect player pad.

I think I found one I like.  It is on Nob Hill, blocks from Union Square, in the RIGHT direction (not in the Tenderloin).  It is a studio apartment, right in the middle of everything.  I dropped off my application last night, I am the first applicant, and I feel pretty good about this palace, err… place.

This will be my first place all to my own since, well, since I was born.  That means I can make it mine.  All mine.

A few months ago, PickUp 101 had a DVD series come out about Project San Francisco, the famous residence talked about in The Game.  It was about how to “playerize your pad”. 

I think it will be fun to document my own process of “playerizing my pad”.  Just maybe, you will get some cool ideas about what you can do to make your home a place that motivates you to succeed in all aspects of your life.

Look for updates.

UPDATE: I got the place, sign the lease in two days, and move in this weekend.  Here we go…

PickUp Podcast Interview

I did an interview last week with AJ and Jordan of the Pickup Podcast.  If you haven’t gone over to their site to listen to one of their shows, go check them out now.

These guys have a good outlook on meeting and dating women, and they walk the walk.  We talked about how to have a conversation that lets you and a woman actually get to know something about each other, which is what any man should do when he knows that a woman is attracted to him.

I’ll post up when that podcast becomes available for download.

Sean Newman? More Like Delusion…

Sean Newman seems to have written something a little strange.

He seems to think that him and his boys out on the east coast are the “dream team” of PickUp 101.

Whatever, Sean.

He seems to have forgotten about Daniel, Niels, Walter, Asher, Jeff, Ken, etc, etc.  Ie., he forgot about the all star team we got out here.

Sean, you can keep your dream team, and you can keep dreaming.  We got the All-Stars.

Here’s my OFFICIAL response to Sean’s claim:


This is Sean Deacon, senior instructor at PickUp 101.
You may have read my blog, you may have learned from me
at one of our Art of Attraction or Art of Rapport workshops,
and if you are a VIP subscriber you will get a DVD soon
where I explain how to make women love you.

I get these newsletters in my inbox just like you, and
yesterday was no different… except for one thing.
You read the newsletter, and you heard what Sean Newman said.


I re-read it to make sure he really said what I think he said.
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