Sorry I'm Late!

Sexy!!Time to get back to basics.  This is nuts and bolts week.  Here’s my most often used opener:

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late.”

Innocent enough to be used with women during the day, fun enough to use at night.  It flows into banter really well too.  It has been field tested plenty of times.  The first time I used this opener was about a year and a half ago, with my good friend Eric.  We thought we had stumbled upon some wonderful secret, because it worked well, and worked well often.

Bang.  You broke the ice with this.  Now what?

Banter, you sexy man, banter!

“Traffic was really bad, and the boss kept me at the office really late to finish a TPS report.  He was threatening to break out the whip but then I snuck out.  Have you been waiting long?”

Often the girls will jump in and banter right back.  “Where have you been!  We told you to meet us here an HOUR ago!”

You can riff on how much they missed you, building the anticipation, the crazy stuff that happened on the way, the fun stuff you will do now that you are there, or just have a big play fight about it.

Have fun with this one.

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