Sexy Bodyguards

A fun way to approach and/or banter is to make a woman or group of women your bodyguard(s).

“Hey, are you guys the bouncers?”

“You are very intimidating”.

“These girls around here won’t stop grabbing my ass and flirting with me.  Can you guys help out?”

“This one is the best.  I know she’s got my back.”

Maybe you get the idea here.  This is particularly fun if you are a bigger guy.  It is always fun to make a smaller girl your bodyguard.  Make her show you her guns.  Show you which way to the  beach.  Grab her and hide behind her.  Make her protect you from her friends.

Go try this out and have some fun with women!

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    3 thoughts on “Sexy Bodyguards

    1. Jordon

      Funny you should mention this role-play. We just went over it on our podcast a couple weeks ago. It works wonders, especially for tiny little asian girls, etc. :)


    2. sean

      Great minds think alike :)

      I started using this when I was teaching in LA a few months ago. I had a student go up to groups of girls and ask, “are you the bouncers?” then go from there.

      Then I thought, “wait a minute, that sounds fun. I want to do that”.

      Your podcast is good stuff. Everyone else, go check it out.

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