Could You Love Britney Spears?

It is pretty clear that Britney Spears is unhappy. Her recent haircut extravaganza is a nice indication of this. A lot of people are unhappy in this world. Now, I don’t know the trials of the superstars, and I am sure that they have a whole slew of unseen pressures and responsibilities. I think that for most people though, happiness, or a lack thereof, can be tracked back to health, wealth, or relationships.

Now, we can assume that Britney’s wealth is not driving her into manicdom. Health, well, maybe, but not likely. Relationships? Oooh… we may have a winner.

How would you go about loving Britney Spears? Do you think you could build a connection with her? Do you know how you would even begin?

Forget about Britney Spears. How about a chick you met last night at a bar, or this morning while waiting for coffee? Where would you begin?

I gave a talk a few weeks ago to a few lucky guys at one of PickUp 101’s workshops about building a connection with a woman, and I gave examples of things you can do from the first 10 seconds of meeting her all the way to when you have been dating for 10 months or even 10 years. This talk was recorded and is being released as a DVD to VIP customers.

Women crave a strong connection with a guy. It is powerful. This week I will be posting up my ideas on this, and things you can do right now to increase your connection with a woman.

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