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There's A Movement Coming

I was lying on my bed last Sunday afternoon with my girl, relaxing after a nice big breakfast and my second cup of coffee of the day.  She asked about some of the books on my bookshelf, in particular, one or two of the men’s movement books I have.  These are books like Iron John, Fire In The Belly, The Flying Boy, and King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

I told her that I was doing research about what has come before, and then I realized… there is a new men’s movement on the way.  It has already started to some degree, but it is small.  Men are learning how to have quality interactions with women, and learning what it means to be a man in the face of a woman.  Men are dropping what we have taught matters, and learning what really works, and what people really respond to.  It is fascinating, and it is inspiring.

I also think it will work.

I think that this movement is going to reach men, and there will be a shift in our culture for the better.  Men will know that it is OK to really examine what it means to be a man (and NOT just making good money at a good job to buy a good house).  Men will start to get in touch with their backbones, with their hearts, and with their balls.

I used to be really bothered with the state of the world.  I used to think there were a lot of problems that needed to be fixed, from global warming and hunger to the prevalence of bad pop boy bands.  I eventually threw up my hands, because I felt I had no way to address these issues.

I think the world can be made a better place though.  From the bottom up.  This means changing the world, one person’s life at a time.  I can improve the world by reaching men, and teaching and inspiring them to become better, more attractive versions of themselves.  Ultimately, this leads to happier men AND women.

The prospect of a world filled with happy people is a very good one indeed.

Building A Connection With A Woman

How do you build an emotional connection and increase intimacy with a woman? Conventional wisdom would probably say, “open up and share stuff about yourself”. Maybe you would here something like, “show how much you care”. Maybe you could “show that you appreciate her”.

These are good ideas. Kind of. These things will not do anything directly to really create a connection between you and a woman though. Sure they are nice, but when I say “connection”, I mean that feeling that makes a woman feel really with you. This is the feeling that makes her think about you when you aren’t there, and makes her feel really special when you are.

How do you do this? The real answer is pretty simple. A strong connection and intimacy is created between you and a woman when you share emotional experiences together.

Not sharing emotional experiences pushes people away, sharing them brings them closer. As I look at the intimate moments of my life, this has been the guiding factor behind all of them.

I did a talk on this idea and specific ways to implement it at a recent talk at a workshop.

I will be elaborating on this idea in coming posts, so stay tuned.

Could You Love Britney Spears?

It is pretty clear that Britney Spears is unhappy. Her recent haircut extravaganza is a nice indication of this. A lot of people are unhappy in this world. Now, I don’t know the trials of the superstars, and I am sure that they have a whole slew of unseen pressures and responsibilities. I think that for most people though, happiness, or a lack thereof, can be tracked back to health, wealth, or relationships.

Now, we can assume that Britney’s wealth is not driving her into manicdom. Health, well, maybe, but not likely. Relationships? Oooh… we may have a winner.

How would you go about loving Britney Spears? Do you think you could build a connection with her? Do you know how you would even begin?

Forget about Britney Spears. How about a chick you met last night at a bar, or this morning while waiting for coffee? Where would you begin?

I gave a talk a few weeks ago to a few lucky guys at one of PickUp 101’s workshops about building a connection with a woman, and I gave examples of things you can do from the first 10 seconds of meeting her all the way to when you have been dating for 10 months or even 10 years. This talk was recorded and is being released as a DVD to VIP customers.

Women crave a strong connection with a guy. It is powerful. This week I will be posting up my ideas on this, and things you can do right now to increase your connection with a woman.

Sexy Bodyguards

A fun way to approach and/or banter is to make a woman or group of women your bodyguard(s).

“Hey, are you guys the bouncers?”

“You are very intimidating”.

“These girls around here won’t stop grabbing my ass and flirting with me.  Can you guys help out?”

“This one is the best.  I know she’s got my back.”

Maybe you get the idea here.  This is particularly fun if you are a bigger guy.  It is always fun to make a smaller girl your bodyguard.  Make her show you her guns.  Show you which way to the  beach.  Grab her and hide behind her.  Make her protect you from her friends.

Go try this out and have some fun with women!

Spank a Woman

oooooh, niceA Valentine’s Day nuts and bolts special.  How to smack a woman’s @ss.

With the flat of your hand and fingers, fingers together, maximizing the impact area by making contact with the entire palm and fingers at the same time.  Aim for the softest, roundest part.

Now have a good day!

Ha!  Just kidding.  There’s more.  There are two important things to remember about how a man smacks a girl’s ass.  The first is that you have to do it with zero hesitation, and do NOT wait for a reaction.  If you smack her ass then stare at her, waiting to see how she will respond, almost like you are waiting to see if she will be upset, you are dead in the water.  Smack and move on.

The second thing is to not give in when she gets upset or protests after you smack it.  She very well might get upset.  Do not give in.  Deny you did it, joke that it is really fun, or say something like, “awe, I love you too”.

The bonus third thing.  Sometimes if you joke about giving a girl a spanking, she will stick it out a little and kind of tease you with it.  You have to spank then.  It is required.

Happy Valentines’s day!

It Is OVER Between Us

So adorableMy second nuts and bolts post is about one of my favorite banter themes.  Breaking up.

At some point in the conversation, if she says something (anything), go for it.

“You know, it is over between us.  I’m SO sorry it had to come out here, tonight, in this bar of all places.  It’s… I know we’ve had some good times baby, but, well, it’s not you, it’s me.  I need YOU to be strong.  Find love again.  We’ll always have the good times… that wild night in Vegas… those times you did that thing I like so much…”

“Oh, baby, who am I kidding!  I could never quit you!”

Maybe you get the idea.  I always really ham it up when I do this.  I get really melodramatic, so it is CLEAR that this is a joke.  When it is working well, the girl will play along with the heart break, give her own reasons it is over, etc.

If you wanna get into it more, have some fun talkign about the wild adventures that “you have had over the years”, tell her you want to keep the cat, or whatever else you can think of that has to do with breaking up.  Two more words: makeup sex.

Go out and have fun with this one, and post your questions and thoughts as a comment!

Sorry I'm Late!

Sexy!!Time to get back to basics.  This is nuts and bolts week.  Here’s my most often used opener:

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late.”

Innocent enough to be used with women during the day, fun enough to use at night.  It flows into banter really well too.  It has been field tested plenty of times.  The first time I used this opener was about a year and a half ago, with my good friend Eric.  We thought we had stumbled upon some wonderful secret, because it worked well, and worked well often.

Bang.  You broke the ice with this.  Now what?

Banter, you sexy man, banter!

“Traffic was really bad, and the boss kept me at the office really late to finish a TPS report.  He was threatening to break out the whip but then I snuck out.  Have you been waiting long?”

Often the girls will jump in and banter right back.  “Where have you been!  We told you to meet us here an HOUR ago!”

You can riff on how much they missed you, building the anticipation, the crazy stuff that happened on the way, the fun stuff you will do now that you are there, or just have a big play fight about it.

Have fun with this one.

Make the Conversation SEXY!

Red BraArt of Attraction workshop, Saturday Night. Three girls are standing in the back area of the Bubble Lounge, time to approach!

“Sorry I’m late guys…”

They respond, “Oh my god! Where were you?”

We banter off of this for 30 seconds or so, and the one on my right likes me. We talk about going out in the City, what the scene is like. The girl on my right says something along the lines of, “I don’t always go out. You can’t do it all the time.”

“Yeah. You need to wait at least ten minutes between times doing it. I mean, you need some time to rest.”

It took a second, but then they cracked up laughing. Went on to talk about a few other racey things, then eventually the girls were leaving. They suggested I meet them at the next club, but alas, I was working, and not really interested to boot.

So what was the point of this story, other than bragging about how women want me?

It’s that you can take a flirtatious conversation to a sexual level quickly, and that women will like it.

With some caveats.

You have to really OWN this type of conversation, meaning you have to be completely comfortable when talking and joking about sexual topics and innuendo. Hesitation and nervousness will make these comments drop to the floor like a lead brick.

So why even bring up sexual conversation, create sexual innuendo, and misinterpret statements in a sexual way?

This type of conversation shows that you are a sexual person. More importantly, it shows that you are comfortable with that. When you are comfortable with this, women will know they can be comfortable with their own sexuality around you. No matter what kind of relationship you want with a woman, it is good when it starts with a sexual tone.

Connection and Intimacy

I did a VIP talk this last weekend and had a blast.

I shared a lot of things that I have learned over the years, and was able to get the lovely Betty to come out to help and share some thoughts.

The recorded product will be going out to all of the subscribers to the PickUp 101 VIP Program in March.

I talked about building connection and increasing intimacy with a woman.

This is only important if, you know, you want women to want to have sex with you.

Hope y’all like it when it gets to you.

I’ll be posting up some of the ideas from the talk on this blog in the next couple weeks.