You Can Improve With Women

Guys either think they “got it” or they don’t.

If you are a man that is not successful with women, at some point in your life you have probably seen a guy that IS good with women and just thought, “he’s just got something that I don’t.” It may have been looks and money, or it may not have been. You may have just noticed his charisma and confidence, and felt it was so far beyond what you were.

This is a load of crap. It IS within anyone’s reach. It just may take some work.

Being confident and charismatic is not something you either have or don’t have. It is something you learn or don’t learn. The guys you see that naturally have it just learned it at a young age. You can learn it too, and that is what I am dedicated too. That is why I work at PickUp 101, so for those of us that didn’t have a chance to learn this in our adolescence, we will have a chance now.

I got inspired to write this post because my friend and fellow PickUp 101 instructor Ben emailed me this morning telling me he had a new blog. Ben was my very first student as a PickUp 101 instructor. It was Friday, I was nervous because I had gotten a call asking me to help out as a guest instructor for the weekend and I had no idea what to expect. Lance, the head honcho himself was leading the workshop, and USA Today was there to write an article about our workshops.

I knew what to do, I had been through the program myself, and I had practiced it, made the changes, and achieved success with it. I still had a bit of performance anxiety though. I was assigned to be Ben’s coach for the evening. Now, I was responsible for not only my evening, but Ben’s as well. I still remember walking into Barnone in the Marina that Friday night. Ben rocked the place. To his credit, he had done a lot of work on his own before taking the workshop, so he was already fairly confident and competent with approaching and talking to women. A few little tweaks, and he was unstoppable.

Now I work with him, and can call him a friend.

You see, all of the instructors at PickUp 101 went through the same process that our students do. We have all taken the workshops that we teach, stuck with the material, practiced, and improved who we are.

I have seen it improve my life, as well as the life of many other men. That is why I believe in it.

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    2 thoughts on “You Can Improve With Women

    1. Jordon

      Amen. There’s so much to this game that is simply application, calibration and re-calibration through repetition. The intelligent, ‘geeky’ types are just as capable of reforming their old ways as anyone else, if not more able when they really focus on it. I’ve learned and un-learned several sets of behaviours and character traits in my own life, and have seen it happen in so many others’ lives as well. Don’t let the fact that it’s a seemingly momentous task stop you from even starting on your journey to change yourself for the better.

      Props on the blog Sean. Keep it up.


    2. Robbie

      Ha, that was my AoA too, I had no idea you were that nervous out field coaching. I remember doing a couple street sets with you and Ben that night in the Marina. Now look at you doing VIP shit, “our little babys all grows up, he all grows up and hes all grows up!”

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