Warning! Women May Impede Business

Smokin'I went into the bank today to sit down with a banker and get a couple questions answered about business bank accounts. Shouldn’t take long, about five minutes. Besides, I had some other errands to run. I have to get ink for my printer, check out laptop computers…

But then I sat down with my banker, and she was cute. Like, really cute. My five minutes of questions turned into a one hour conversation. We talked about the usual; dating, different cultures, and hot lesbian action.

I usually just don’t date the women that serve me professionally, like bartenders, bus drivers, bankers, and the like. I’d rather have a cute banker that loves me than an eventual ex-girlfriend that doesn’t. Hmm… this rule doesn’t make much sense to me right now.

The bad thing, I got none of my other goals accomplished!

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    7 thoughts on “Warning! Women May Impede Business

    1. sean

      Some times it’s better to pull out of there before making any deposit.

      That way they go nuts and just want you to come back in again.

      To the bank, that is. Of course.

    2. David Clare

      Jordon: Think about it, do you really want to date your dentist? Or your banker? Or even the chick that cuts your hair? Man, that’s some dangerous living there!

    3. sean

      It IS a bad idea to date the women that provide you with services. The really simple reasoning is that if you want to be the kind of man that has beautiful women in all aspects of his life, that would include a platonic (though probably flirty) relationship with these types of women.

      That sounds pretty good to me.

      A less simple explanation is not nearly as nice, and does NOT sound good to me. Use your imagination.

    4. David Clare

      You mean imagining your girlfriend/dentist poking around in your fresh, uncapped crown with sharp pointy metal instruments? Just the thought makes my toes curl. And not in a good way.

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