The Futility of Field Reports

I have a couple of dates this week, and I was thinking about writing field reports about how I met these girls, and I realized that I didn’t have much to write.

For the one I am meeting tonight, the field report would look like this:

“There was a girl outside of the Fort Mason building where the AoR workshop was last weekend, so I started talking to her. We were hanging out for the next few hours, then I suggested a date and she gave me her contact info.”

For the one I am meeting on Friday, the field report would look like this:

“I was out with a bunch of friends for a pub crawl, and towards the end of the night I started talking to this one girl I hadn’t talked to yet, and she was cool, then I set up a date and got her number.”

The point here is that I don’t remember what I said, or what techniques I used, it just kind of flowed. This is the way it should be, and the way it is when all the things we teach in Art of Attraction and Art of Rapport become real behaviors, rather than just specific tactics.

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    3 thoughts on “The Futility of Field Reports

    1. Derek

      I find there’s a lot more to write about in what I learned/what I experienced than what actually happened.

      Good to find your blog =)

    2. djfuji

      imo FRs are more for either working thru sticking points (by analyzing your interactions and being self correcting) or showing how you overcame certain obstacles or used a specific technique. In other words, theyre useful in self critiquing or helping others. I’m a big advocate of not posting FRs/LRs unless they accomplish at least one of those objectives. Way too many FRs on ASF are really brag reports. That doesn’t really help anyone.

    3. sean

      I agree, DJ Fuji. I used to write more field reports than I do now. Now, I do actually write a lot of field reports, and I post them on a private blog for posterity, but I think that if anyone is going to post a report, it should either be helpful for the poster or the reader.

      Thanks for finding my blog. I look forward to chatting more with you and hopefully meeting you one of these next trips to SD.

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