GotD Day 4 – 7: YEEEAAARGH!

FRI through MON – YEEEAAARGH! So friday, I was waiting till field work at night in the Marina to turn on the radar. I saw her late at night as I was talking to my students, she was walking up the street right outside the Matrix. I didn’t abandon my students, so I got a NO.

Saturday at Medjool, I saw her on the second floor balcony. Her and her two friends. Perfect. I opened, my students came in, we all talked to the girls for a bit. I have a tendency to stick to banter and vibing when I am coaching, because I want to demonstrate the skills that the students are learning all weekend, not just let them see me quietly talking to a girl for 10 or 15 minutes. Oh, well. I still get a YES

Sunday in the workshop, the hottest women I saw all day were the three women that came to the workshop for girl practice, and they don’t count due to professionalism. NO.

Monday, I was incredibly worn out from the long weekend of workshop, and bringing a TON of energy to it, moreso than is natural for me to have. I didn’t see much, I can’t even remember who the hottest girl was. I get a NO.

My record for the first week is 3/7. 43%. Pathetic. Time to change that record this week.

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