GotD Day 8 – 15: Big Fat Update

So last week I was extremely busy with work, working 18 hour days. It was not a fun week, and it hampered things. This week I am focusing on my health, and trying to get a lot of stuff back in gear in terms of my health and stuff. I am doing the Master Cleanse! Here’s my breakdown:

Day 8 Tuesday: YES

Day 9 Wednesday: NO

Day 10 Thursday: NO

Day 11 Friday: YES

Day 12 Saturday: YES

Day 13 Sunday: NO

Day 14 Monday: NO

Day 15 Tuesday: NO

3 for 8 these days. I will improve this over the length of this, but I am happy about the progress I am making in other areas of my life, and this balance is important to me rigth now.

Overall, 6 for 15: 40%

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