Monthly Archives: October 2006

The Futility of Field Reports

I have a couple of dates this week, and I was thinking about writing field reports about how I met these girls, and I realized that I didn’t have much to write.

For the one I am meeting tonight, the field report would look like this:

“There was a girl outside of the Fort Mason building where the AoR workshop was last weekend, so I started talking to her. We were hanging out for the next few hours, then I suggested a date and she gave me her contact info.”

For the one I am meeting on Friday, the field report would look like this:

“I was out with a bunch of friends for a pub crawl, and towards the end of the night I started talking to this one girl I hadn’t talked to yet, and she was cool, then I set up a date and got her number.”

The point here is that I don’t remember what I said, or what techniques I used, it just kind of flowed. This is the way it should be, and the way it is when all the things we teach in Art of Attraction and Art of Rapport become real behaviors, rather than just specific tactics.

GotD Day 8 – 15: Big Fat Update

So last week I was extremely busy with work, working 18 hour days. It was not a fun week, and it hampered things. This week I am focusing on my health, and trying to get a lot of stuff back in gear in terms of my health and stuff. I am doing the Master Cleanse! Here’s my breakdown:

Day 8 Tuesday: YES

Day 9 Wednesday: NO

Day 10 Thursday: NO

Day 11 Friday: YES

Day 12 Saturday: YES

Day 13 Sunday: NO

Day 14 Monday: NO

Day 15 Tuesday: NO

3 for 8 these days. I will improve this over the length of this, but I am happy about the progress I am making in other areas of my life, and this balance is important to me rigth now.

Overall, 6 for 15: 40%

GotD Day 4 – 7: YEEEAAARGH!

FRI through MON – YEEEAAARGH! So friday, I was waiting till field work at night in the Marina to turn on the radar. I saw her late at night as I was talking to my students, she was walking up the street right outside the Matrix. I didn’t abandon my students, so I got a NO.

Saturday at Medjool, I saw her on the second floor balcony. Her and her two friends. Perfect. I opened, my students came in, we all talked to the girls for a bit. I have a tendency to stick to banter and vibing when I am coaching, because I want to demonstrate the skills that the students are learning all weekend, not just let them see me quietly talking to a girl for 10 or 15 minutes. Oh, well. I still get a YES

Sunday in the workshop, the hottest women I saw all day were the three women that came to the workshop for girl practice, and they don’t count due to professionalism. NO.

Monday, I was incredibly worn out from the long weekend of workshop, and bringing a TON of energy to it, moreso than is natural for me to have. I didn’t see much, I can’t even remember who the hottest girl was. I get a NO.

My record for the first week is 3/7. 43%. Pathetic. Time to change that record this week.