Lunch Mission: You Are Really Cute

I have a new mission.  It is to get good at meeting women around the financial district during my lunch break, and being able to set up a date/day2 with them.  I have had a lot of strange thoughts about flirting with girls around work that kept me from doing it in the past.  I don’t like how I am dressed, I am in work mode, etc.  That is about to change.

I started today.  Walked to Jamba Juice and got a nice juice.  Walked around Justin Herman Plaza.  Then I saw the blonde hair.  And the great figure.  And, oh, crap, she had a really cute face.  I was gonna approach, then got nervous.  Yes, I still get nervous sometimes when I am about to approach a woman.  Ok.  I collect myself and think it through.  If I DON’T go talk to this girl, I will NOT forgive myself.  If I DO go talk to her, even if it goes badly, I will be happy about it.

So like I tell my students to do all the time, I started walking, and I just didn’t let myself stop.  Didn’t stop that is, until I was right next to her.  “Excuse me, I know this is completely random…” she has a bit of a perplexed look on her face, “but you are really cute, and I knew I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t come over here and tell you”.

Christmas tree lights.  She has a great smile.

“Hi, I’m Sean.”  She introduces herself.  “Do you mind if I have a seat?” and I sit down.  We chat for the next 15 minutes about where we live, what we like about the city, how interesting it is to study people’s behavior, pretzels, work, etc.  Lunch time is ending, and we have to go back to work.  I tell her it was nice meeting her, and hopefully I will run into her again.  She tells me she is in the plaza every day.  I didn’t go for a date, or number, I was just enjoying talking to her.  Maybe I will see her again in the plaza.

My limiting beliefs were squashed today.  They are just not there.

Here we go.  The next couple weeks should be fun.

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