GotD Day 1: YES

My first girl of the day was at lunch. I saw a girl earlier during my coffee break, but missed her because she was walking into a building down the street. Damn. So I was out on my lunch break with a buddy. He knew about the challenge, so he knew I might go running off at any time. We were walking to the Metreon, and there was a guy and a girl sitting on a bench. And the girl was tall and blonde and super cute. I walked by, then looked at my buddy. “That might be her… yeah, I think that’s her”. I walked back, interrupted, told her she was really cute, and I’m sorry to intrude, and wished them both a great lunch. They were both really happy.

So I was relaxing, eating my lunch.

And then she walked out of the next restaurant over. I got up midsentence and started walking. Tall, long brown hair, and gorgeous. I got up to her, “Excuse me… you are really cute… Hi, I’m Sean”, she introduced herself, then had to get going back to her associates for lunch.

It was a slow start, but I did the approaches. I get a green check on my calendar for today.

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    One thought on “GotD Day 1: YES

    1. Wez Laka

      Perhaps those women would have dropped to their knees & milked you for man juice if you had a bigger penis…
      Oh look!
      Just the thing to put this right.
      God job people can auto-spam blogs. Else where would we turn when looking for such products?
      Google are so smart to ignore any links shoved into blogs by morons. :/

      Can’t you go over your entries & pull the spammy assholes Deacon?

      You don’t explain why you could not run after the one going into the building down the street.
      No matter how hot women are, guys don’t usually make the effort to run down the street to meet them. I know that you are not meant to be desperate to meet a woman & this is a no no subtext for your actions – but that is just it.
      You are not desperate to meet a woman – you are just prepared to go that bit further than other men to get what you want. If anything this game teaches you that the intent behind an action is so much more than the activity itself.

      What do you think Deek?
      Can I call you Deek, Deek?

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