Girl of the Day Mission – Introduction

At our Pickup 101 instructor roundtable meeting last night, Lance mentioned the Girl of the Day Mission. At the end of each day, you ask yourself, did I approach the hottest girl I saw that day? The hard part of this is that the hottest girl is THE hottest girl. Not just A hot girl. It doesn’t matter if she is driving, on the third floor of a building, running down the street on fire, etc.

All of the instructors have been challenged, and we are gonna compare results. This has a few big benefits:

1 – You will have to approach the girl cold. You never know when you are gonna run into this girl, but you have to be ready to take action when she is there.

2 – When you make an excuse because of some sort of logistics, that is still a NO. You take this as an opportunity to figure out how to solve that logistical challenge.

This is harder than it seems. Sometimes you don’t know if the girl is the hottest girl, like just happened at the stoplight ten minutes ago. She MIGHT have been, so I HAD to talk to her. She wasn’t, but I might not have known if I didn’t start talking to her.

I will be putting up my results for each day with success stories or analysis of the failures.

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