FR: Messing With the Power of Drunk Fu

“How I impressed my friends”

[note: this is a report from a few weeks ago, reposted to get things started]

Some old college buddies of mine got together for a reunion this weekend in San Francisco. It was our yearly get together to keep the bonds of friendship strong. We were also out in North Beach Saturday night, and there were some pretty ladies, so I couldn’t resist.

We were out to DRINK and have a grand time, so this story has the underlying theme of my being drunk throughout. Now, usually I don’t endorse drinking a lot with socializing with ladies, but was more happenstance than anything.

There were two cute blonde girls that I DIDN’T talk to at the first bar we were at. My buddy didn’t want to go approach with me, so I dropped it. I decided I WAS going to flirt with girls at the next bars to make up for it.

We kind of got off to a bad start, didn’t we?


So we walk in, and I banter with some girl at the bar for a minute, then I turn to walk to the back, and there is a girl in front of me. “You are SO in my way”, I say.

“That was rude”, she looks at me incredulously.

“Well, I guess that was a mistake, I didn’t mean it to come out rude”. Blah blah blah, so we see eye to eye now. My friends and I are doing a round of shots, so I turn around and grab my shot, and I am holding my other drink too. She looks at my drinks with a kind of “you are an alcoholic” look. I just tell her, “don’t ask. And don’t stare either”. She has a look that reads “wtf is up with this guy” at this point. I go back to my friends and we hang out a bit.

5 or 10 minutes later, I go back to the bar to get a drink, and I am right next to her. I tell her, “we kind of got off to a bad start, didn’t we?” in a very sincere way. She agrees, asks me my name, we have some laughs, I banter, get introduced to her sisters and mom, etc. I wasn’t really able to get deep into rapport, because of the environment and constant social distractions. After a bit, she goes to the restroom with her sisters, so I talk to mom. We have the “boring rapport” conversation, and I make sure I drop stuff about my (good) job, etc., because I figure this will get back to the girl through mom that “he was a nice man, and he has a good job, blah blah blah”. The sisters come back, but my girl isn’t back, so I go back to my friends.

After a bit we decide to leave so I go talk to her one last time and get her number, we leave a cute message on her voicemail. Standard protocol.

Now all my friends at this point are like “damn you are a ladies man, Sean!” and !#@* like that. These are all friends of mine from college, when I was totally NOT the ladies man. They are seeing a new side to me.

This is getting good, so I break out the classic, “I don’t know who your boyfriend is… but he is NOT spanking you enough.”

She looks at me, smiles, and says, “I don’t have a boyfriend”

We go to the Bubble Lounge, and there are three cute girls in front of us, so I just start talking to them, “sorry I’m late, boss kept me at work, wouldn’t let me go, blah blah blah, he was whipping me, etc”. They totally are playing back, and I start getting one on one with the cute blonde girl, while my friends very cute wife talks to the other two. She totally likes the whips comments, and we talk about breaking out the whips on our second date. This is getting good, so I break out the classic, “I don’t know who your boyfriend is… but he is NOT spanking you enough.”

She looks at me, smiles, and says, “I don’t have a boyfriend”

GREEN LIGHT. Or so I would think…

Read on for the funny conclusion!

Anyway, the door guy lets them in, then a minute later me and my friends go in. I go talk to them again once, banter banter.

I see them a second time and my cute blonde is sitting on a chair in a group. I go up to her, and there is no other chair I can pull up, so I tell her to stand up so we can talk. I am one on one with her, and things are going well.

Then she just falls down.

Really, like out of nowhere, she was standing there, then she just fell down. I used my adept social intuition to determine that this means she is drunk. Her friends decide it is time to go (they were correct), and they pull her away to go home and have happy nappy time.

So I lost that one because she was too drunk.

I kinda stop talking to women at this point, because I just want to hang with my friends. They are all very impressed with my abilities with women.

I had a happy night, and it was a lot of fun

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    2. sean

      I can’t believe I got quoted by such an odd website.  Last place I would expect to be quoted…

      The internet is weird.

    3. schwertszenstaffeihn

      guess how many _weird_ people would be visitink ur site now 😛 … lookink forward to der
      spankin stories

    4. enchante

      hello i am lookink for der spanking stories if you could pleaz to tell me ver dey are

      ….just kidding. 😉

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